Introducing the Polyverse Testnet

Polymer launches the Polyverse Testnet.
Polymer Labs
Mar 4, 2024
6 Mins.
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Envisioning The Future with Polymer

Polymer Hub is the first Layer 2 natively built for interoperability, connecting Ethereum’s growing rollup ecosystem using Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol. Polymer’s initial focus is to provide the developer community with tools to connect the Superchain and permissionlessly add new OP-stack rollups to the wider Superchain network. The Polymer Hub brings IBC as the centerpiece of the superchain and helps rollups communicate with a common messaging standard. In order to better understand and test out IBC’s capabilities, enter the Polyverse Testnet.

The Polyverse Testnet

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone for the Polymer ecosystem - the launch of the Polyverse Testnet! We invite developers, infrastructure operators, and builders to dive into the realm of interoperability across the Superchain. We would like to reward your invaluable contributions towards enhancing Ethereum's scalability through Layer 2 solutions, pioneering cross-chain applications, and promoting IBC within the Cosmos ecosystem

Polymer aims to not only test the robustness and efficiency of its infrastructure, but also to foster a community of innovators who share our vision for an open, neutral and permissionless interoperability layer. By participating in the Polyverse Testnet, you become part of a collaborative effort to shape the future of interop technology.

Grow Within Polymer’s Partner Program

Progression within the Polymer Partnership Program is intrinsically linked to participants' performance in the testnet. As individuals and teams excel, showcasing both the quality and quantity of their contributions, they position themselves for recognition within the program's structure.

Each phase of the testnet offers opportunities for engagement, incentives, and influence over the direction of Polymer's interop solutions. Performance in the testnet enables participants to ascend through the ranks, towards potential partnership, and gaining exclusive access to Polymer resources.


The testnet is segmented into three phases, and within each phase there are quests. Each quest is designed to increase in complexity as you progress through the testnet, encouraging participants to begin with foundational tasks and gain familiarity with the ecosystem, before tackling greater challenges. 

Each week during the testnet, Polymer will introduce new quests, ensuring the initiative keeps pace with the evolving capabilities and engagement levels of the community. Polymer will continuously present fresh challenges that cater to participants’ growing skill sets. The testnet will push boundaries of what's possible within the Polymer ecosystem, while empowering those still learning!

Phase 1 - Basecamp: Developing dApps with Polymer (Onboard developers) [NOW LIVE through April]

Phase 1 aims to galvanize the development of innovative dApps, facilitate seamless interoperability, and enhance developer tools within our ecosystem.

The initial quests are live, aiming directly at addressing the fundamental requirement for any new rollup: facilitating the onboarding of liquidity from other rollups within the Superchain. Along with this, you are presented with a chance to build the foundation of IBC solidity standards and Polymer’s developer tooling. As we progress, we plan to unveil additional quests and challenges that delve deeper into the intricacies of rollup-to-rollup communication

Solutions that are effective for the broader community to test/use will be scored highly.

Phase 2 - Into the Unknown: Welcome Interoperators [Planned release: March]

Phase 2 will commence next, while Phase 1 continues in parallel. During this time, Polymer will select a subset of dApps developed in Phase 1 and tailor additional incentives for end users to join the testnet. This will ensure the most usable dApps are getting highlighted and promoted by Polymer in phase 1, while at the same time, end users are able to participate and receive potential rewards. Polymer will continue to promote high quality dApps as the testnet continues.

Phase 3 - Discovery: Relayer Games [Planned release: Late April]

This phase emphasizes essential infrastructure components. It also serves as a proving ground to test relayer profitability models. The development of additional tooling to support relayer operations and the solicitation of feedback on relayer incentive schemes are key components of this phase. The goal is to refine and optimize incentive mechanisms to encourage participation and enhance the overall security and effectiveness of cross-chain communication.

Recognizing Excellence

The Polyverse Testnet consists of a predefined scoring rubric to provide transparency and fairness in evaluating contributions across a spectrum of activities, from dApp development to protocol implementation, and beyond. This rubric not only sets clear expectations but also guides participants towards contributing high-quality work that advances the Polymer ecosystem.

To maintain engagement and a competitive spirit among teams and developers, we will implement a leaderboard that tracks points scored. 

Please note that there may be a delay between the submission deadline and the evaluation of projects. Therefore, the leaderboard will remain hidden (in stealth mode) until its official release.

How to Get Started

There is a landing page for the Polyverse Testnet. There you will find all the necessary directions to get started and building in Phase 1. There are also detailed instructions for submissions. In order for a submitted project to be eligible for rewards, it must include key information like the quest(s) you are working on, a description and architecture of your project, and most importantly, evidence of your cross chain interaction with Polymer. If the team cannot trace back your transactions, you will not be eligible for rewards. More information on the specifics can be found here.

Join our testnet and shape the future of interoperability. Earn a place among Polymer’s earliest and most valuable contributors..

For Testnet Support:

🏗️ Developer Docs: Access comprehensive documentation for technical guidance.

Developer Forum: Join discussions, ask questions, and share insights with fellow devs.

📢 Discord Community: Join our discord and connect with other Polymer Pals.

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