Monomer SDK

A collaboration between Nethermind and Polymer, introduces a framework merging Cosmos and Ethereum technologies.
Polymer Labs
Jun 4, 2024
3 Mins.
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Do you ever wish you could leverage the benefits of the Cosmos SDK on a rollup in the Ethereum ecosystem?

Enter Monomer…

Cosmos and Ethereum by Polymer Labs

Merging Cosmos and Ethereum Tech

This launch marks a pivotal moment in the story of both the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems as we introduce Monomer SDK, a collaboration between Nethermind and Polymer.

With Monomer, Cosmos and Ethereum become one. Two houses join together in technological matrimony. No more technological silos. Cosmos technology can finally be directly deployed onto Ethereum as a rollup.

Cosmos and Ethereum have long shared similar foundational principles, where the Ethereum rollup centric roadmap mirrors that of the Cosmos app chain roadmap. Historically, they've operated in parallel, separated only by the need for more integrated infrastructure. Monomer changes that by effectively merging the two ecosystems. This new framework allows Cosmos technology to be directly deployed on Ethereum as a rollup, breaking down the barriers that have traditionally kept them apart and facilitating a unified technological approach.

Monomer SDK

Why Monomer Matters

Cosmos is recognized for its advanced technology, ready for more broad adoption among developers. Monomer is designed to extend the reach of Cosmos technology to a wider developer and user base.

Key Features of Monomer:

  • Cosmos SDK and ABCI Compatibility: Monomer allows any Cosmos SDK or ABCI-compatible app chain to be deployed as a rollup on Ethereum.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Unlike most Ethereum rollup frameworks that focus on EVM compatibility, Monomer supports extensive customization options through the Cosmos SDK, including swapping out the underlying key-value store and state commitment data structures.
  • Advanced Developer Support: The Cosmos tech stack is backed by extensive documentation and resources, making it easier for developers to adopt and innovate.
  • Innovation Import: Monomer facilitates the integration of unique Cosmos innovations into the Ethereum ecosystem, such as Skip’s Block SDK, enhancing the technological toolbox available to Ethereum developers.
  • Diverse Virtual Machine Support: Developers can deploy rollups using different types of VMs, including EVM and CosmWasm, and write app-specific logic in Go without relying on a VM.

About Nethermind:

Nethermind is a leading infrastructure builder, researcher and core development team in the blockchain space. They empower enterprises and developers worldwide to access and build on the decentralized web. Their work touches every part of the web3 ecosystem - from layer 1 and layer 2 engineering, cryptography research, and security to application-layer protocol development. Nethermind collaborates with a global developer community and partners to advance Ethereum, Starknet, and the broader blockchain industry.

About Polymer:

Polymer is building scalable on-chain networking for the verifiable internet. As an L2, Polymer leverages Ethereum as the source for truth for on-chain verification and coordination. Polymer is the first Layer 2 focused on enabling IBC interoperability, setting a new standard in blockchain technology. Polymer’s virtual IBC protocol enables it to act as the Network Layer 🛜 providing IBC routing to connected L2s/3s.

Looking Ahead

Monomer’s roadmap includes the integration of a CometBFT-based sequencer and potentially using Skip’s Slinky as an in-built oracle. These technical enhancements are designed to improve how Monomer operates and interacts with other systems, making the platform more powerful and versatile. As a result, users can expect smoother and more reliable DevX, strengthening Monomer’s ability to facilitate robust and effective blockchain integrations.

As we focus on the launch of Polymer Hub, more detailed announcements regarding the Monomer SDK will follow. Our efforts are dedicated to establishing a robust foundation with Polymer Hub, ensuring it provides the optimal environment for the Monomer SDK to thrive.

The GitHub repository can be found here

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