We're scaling IBC interoperability to
all chains.

Polymer Labs is bringing together talented infrastructure focused builders to build and operate IBC infrastructure.

Truly trustless interoperability based on light client state proof verification is the future and Polymer x IBC is the end game.

We're working on a modular multi-cluster networking protocol (Polymer) which will provide e2e IBC connectivity across ecosystems as well as investing significant resources towards core IBC roadmap & development.



Experienced builders across both web3 and web2.

Bo Du - Technical Lead

Bo Du

Technical Staff

Bo was the first hire at Chronosphere (unicorn) and infrastructure engineer at Uber and Capsule8 (acquired). His focus is on database, distributed systems and software infrastructure with experience developing M3DB (OSS time series database).

Peter Kim

Peter Kim

Strategy, Operations & Product

Peter consulted for Ernst & Young’s Strategy and Innovation divisions and helped build and launch BadgerDAO. His focus has been on GtM strategy, new product launch/scale, organizational restructuring, and synergy capture with experience connecting partnerships and joint-builds in DeFi.

Alexander Lindgren - Technical Lead

Alexander Lindgren

Technical Staff

Alexander was an Economist for Bancor. His focus is on mathematics, insurance, economics, and systematic risk with experience designing algorithms and pressure testing at Bancor. He aided in the launch of Bancor v2.1, the largest single-sided, protected market maker.

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Backed by angels including:
Joe Lallouz (BisonTrails), Karim Atiyeh (Ramp), Martin Mao (Chronosphere), Sam Kazemian (Frax Finance), Andrew Masanto (Reserve), Loong Wang (Ren) and 20+ others.


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