Polymer is an
infrastructure DAO building the fabric of web3.

Polymer is bringing together a community of infrastructure focused builders to build and operate foundational web3 infrastructure.

Polymer believes that the future of web3 infrastructure should be community driven and governed.

We're starting by working on an multi-cluster networking protocol, Polymerase, which will act as a decentralized data plane connecting dApp logic across various ecosystems in addition to other high impact projects.



Experienced builders across both web3 and web2

Bo Du - Technical Lead

Bo Du

Infrastructure Lead

Former first hire at Chronosphere (unicorn), Uber, Capsule8 (acquired), and BadgerDAO: focus on database, distributed systems and software infrastructure with experience developing M3DB (OSS time series database) and various Badger products

Peter Kim

Peter Kim

Strategy, Operations & Product

Former Ernst & Young and BadgerDAO: focus on GtM strategy, new product launch/scale, organizational restructuring, and synergy capture with experience connecting partnerships and joint-builds in DeFi

Alexander Lindgren - Technical Lead

Alexander Lindgren

Multichain dApp Lead

Former Economist for Bancor : focus on mathematics, insurance, economics, and systematic risk with experience designing algorithms and pressure testing at Bancor. Aided in Bancor v2.1 launch, the largest single-sided, protected market maker.


Interested in a career with us at Polymer?

We’re always looking for talented individuals interested in working on problems in web3 interoperability, infrastructure and multi-cluster DeFi. Click the link below to get in touch.

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