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Bo Du - Technical Lead

Bo Du

Technical Staff

Bo was the first hire at Chronosphere (unicorn) and infrastructure engineer at Uber and Capsule8 (acquired). His focus is on database, distributed systems and software infrastructure with experience developing M3DB (OSS time series database).

Peter Kim

Peter Kim

Strategy, Operations & Product

Peter consulted for Ernst & Young’s Strategy and Innovation divisions and helped build and launch BadgerDAO. His focus has been on GtM strategy, new product launch/scale, organizational restructuring, and synergy capture with experience connecting partnerships and joint-builds in DeFi.

Wenwei Xiong

Technical Staff

Wenwei delivered database platforms at Paradigm 4 to leading pharmaceutical companies identifying biomarkers for diseases including COVID-19. At Avitide (acquired by Repligen), Wenwei led a team creating biologics databases. Wenwei's academic research and software tools have been cited 800+ times and helped secure $3.7M+ funding from NSF.

Giuseppe Valente

Technical Staff

Giuseppe was an early engineer at Arista Networks and helped the company grow from $100M to $40B in market cap. He previously spent time at Elastic, Cisco Systems, EURid (.eu domain registry) and the Italian National Research Council. His focus is on distributed systems, networking and infrastructure.

Sai Deng

Technical Staff

Sai was a senior software engineer at Google and worked there for 6 years. He built various R&D projects at Google, including VP9/AV1 open source video codec development, perceptual quality improvements, and a Virtual Reality project that involved light fields encoding and rendering.

Derek Shiell

Technical Staff

Derek was a distinguished engineer at EdgeCast CDN where he spent the last 11+ years building and scaling the caching and compute platforms. During his time there, he helped it grow into a global platform delivering terabits per second of data and billions of client requests per day across hundreds of data centers. Prior to EdgeCast, Derek worked for Epson Research and Development implementing face and object recognition, detection, and alignment algorithms.

Supragya Raj

Technical Staff

Supragya was a technical lead at Marlin and also worked at Cisco Systems. His focus has been on on web3 systems research and large scale deployments with deep experience in analyzing MEV, building custom miners, incentivised airdrops, low-latency P2P relays, and encrypted private mempools.

Ali Zahid Raja

Technical Staff

Ali founded an AI-based startup that focused on helping people during COVID times on a national scale. His interest & skills in competitive coding got him the first position in the global event Advent of code 2021 in Pakistan and in the top 1% of the world. He has done significant work in the open-source community and mentors students from his alma mater.

Nicolas Pernas

Technical Staff

Nico was a Staff Engineer at Twilio where he helped build their WebRTC based real-time video product. He has also been at AWS, where he spent time working on the virtualisation stack that is the foundation of EC2. He started as an embedded engineer doing low level type of work: Linux kernel development, boot-loaders, high performance networking and IoT.

Salil Vanvari

Technical Staff

Salil was a Software Engineer at Facebook/Meta where he focused mainly on building out product infrastructure to support payments. These included building out reliable P2P systems, direct debit card integrations, and cryptocurrency wallet solutions. He also worked at a Defi Protocol building out multichain backend systems and some Defi strategies.


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Jack Zampolin

co-founder and Technical Lead at Strangelove

Jack Zampolin is a co-founder and Technical Lead at Strangelove. Jack came to into the crypto world via Blockstack and then moved to Tendermint as Director of Product. He is currently Co-Founder (Product) at Sommelier Network. As a proof-of-stake pioneer and dev evangelist, Jack brings a special blend of cloud infrastructure and blockchain experience.

Mustafa Al-Bassam

co-founder of Celestia

Mustafa is a co-founder of Celestia, the first modular blockchain network. He completed a PhD in Computer Science at UCL, where he published various research papers on blockchain layer 1 scalability. Previously, he was the co-founder of blockchain scalability startup Chainspace (acquired by Facebook).


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