Unveiling the Polymer Partnership Program

Polymer launches its Partnership Program.
Polymer Labs
Jan 31, 2024
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The need for a unified interoperability standard between blockchains is more pressing now than ever before. The lack of a secure interoperability standard has resulted in billions of dollars in hacked token bridges, dozens of non-neutral standards, vendor lock in, poor developer UX, and liquidity fragmentation. 

Last week we announced the close of our $23M Series A funding. This raise is a major milestone for Polymer and significantly empowers our mission of building and standardizing an open, neutral, and permissionless interoperability layer connecting all blockchains.

Building new standards for interoperability will require thoughtful collaboration from a wide variety of contributors and skill sets across a dozen ecosystems and hundreds of blockchains. For those of you compelled to shape the future of blockchain interoperability, we invite you to join the Polymer Partnership Program.

The Polymer Partnership Program is designed to enable users with varying technical skill levels and interests to contribute meaningfully to Polymer, whether to applications or infrastructure complementing Polymer, or to open source core protocol contributions. We’ve organized the program into three main groups; Early Adopters, Insiders & Launch Partners.

Early Adopters:

Be a Pioneer

Start here – you can become a Polymer Early Adopter by participating in the Polymer Incentivized Testnet (“PIT”). Early Adopters are those who engage with Polymer before the mainnet launch. That means you, yes you, can easily become a Polymer Early Adopter! By being an Early Adopter and contributing to the PIT, you have the opportunity to earn rewards. Be on the lookout for our PIT blog where you can learn more about how to become an Early Adopter.


Deepen Your Impact

For Early Adopters who show a high level of meaningful participation in our testnet, you can graduate to the Insiders program. As an Insider you’ll gain access to a number of exclusive features including: engineering support through office hours and our private telegram, the opportunity to participate in user research, and priority rewards. Your testnet participation could qualify you for the Insiders program. Stay active, and you may be contacted to help with further testing or with new opportunities and features!

Launch Partners:

Shape the Future

This group is composed of visionaries and leaders in the industry. As a Launch Partner you will be considered one of the Polymer “power users”. Launch Partners will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with other leading partners and will have dedicated support from the Polymer team. You’ll enjoy enhanced visibility into the network, strategic input into product development,  and priority support. This program is designed to best enable partners who are catalysts for the mission to revolutionize blockchain interoperability

Stay Connected with Us! 

We’re excited to continue accelerating towards a public testnet with you all. More information will be available soon. In the meantime, to better understand the needs and preferences of potential testnet developers like you, we have created a focused developer survey.

Why Your Participation Matters: 

  • Your feedback will directly influence the development of Polymer, guiding our key decisions.
  • Be part of a pioneering group shaping the future of the testnet environments.
  • Gain exclusive early insights and the opportunity to be among the first to access and test new features!: 

Click here to take the survey. It will only take a few minutes of your time, but your insights as early contributors will be instrumental in shaping an outstanding experience for a public testnet launch.

Thank you for being a vital part of this journey.

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